In June 2012, my 11-year-old son Andrew (a sufferer of severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and I traveled from our home in Northern Ireland to Hawaii, so that he could be treated by Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones, M.D.  I had been informed that she had experience treating children with this disease and that she could help my son.

Money for the trip and the treatment costs was obtained through a fundraising campaign, done as a joint effort through members of our community and an organization called Little Acorns. A total of 22,806 pounds was raised, with 19,506 pounds of this from our local community. The plan was that we would remain in Hawaii for two months.

Andrew was treated by Dr. Deckoff-Jones for a total of two weeks. At that point, I disagreed with the doctor’s suggested treatment plan due to fears for Andrew’s safety. Dr. Deckoff-Jones’ response was to discontinue all treatment and to instruct us to return home to Northern Ireland, and so we did that.

Subsequent to the discontinuation of Andrew’s treatment, Dr. Deckoff-Jones and Little Acorns each issued multiple public statements concerning this matter. These statements have been inaccurate, hurtful to Andrew and the other members of our family, and derogatory toward me.

I thus am issuing this public statement to let the public know in detail what happened, both to tell my side of the story and to provide full information to those considering treatment by Dr. Deckoff-Jones in the future.

Please click on the link below to read my statement. If anyone has a problem downloading this and would like me to send you a copy via email or pm, please let me know.


Jacqueline McGorrian McMurdie